A guide to color accessibility

What is color contrast?

The concept of color contrast is as critical as it is simple.The color contrast refers to the 
difference in light between the source and its background. By using appropriate contrast 
colors, the clarity of the source of a website is clear enough to distinguish the meaning of 
the excellent content that you have developed for your website and that everyone can read.

Who benefits from color contrast compliance?

Website users who have low vision, low contrast vision, or color vision deficiency will 
require color choices that adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
 standards in order to read content. As the community ages, consider how many people
 may fall into one of those visual division. Additionally, even people without a visual 
 impairment will appreciate a color palette that isn’t distracting and won’t cause 
unnecessary eye strain.

color contrast in Web designing

How do I meet color contrast compliance?

Color contrast ratios

When we talk about color contrast relationships, we are talking about a numerical value 
assigned to the difference in light between the foreground and the background.
The WCAG success criterion is the main one that should be known here, since it establishes the
 minimum contrast that is generally considered accessible. The guidelines say that normal text
 (including text images) must meet a contrast ratio of at least large text (18 or more points, or 
14 or more and bold)
The minimum contrast ratio of 4.5: 1 adheres to the AAAG level of WCAG, but there is also an
 "improved" relationship (success criterion 1.4.6) that requires a deeper level of contrast and 
adheres to the AAA level. The improved ratio requires a 7: 1 contrast. It is important to keep in
 mind that these designated numbers, like all WCAG checkpoints, are not arbitrary, they are
 designed specifically to help more people access information in your website The 4.5: 1 ratio
 should be sufficient to compensate for the loss in contrast sensitivity for those with 20/40 vision, 
while the 7: 1 ratio represents approximately 20/80 vision. Remember, meeting the A and AA 
levels is usually the standard.

Envision all users from the beginning

When thinking about designing a website, make sure that the product has been created from 
the beginning taking into account all users, including people with disabilities. It is easier to build 
the website correctly, to conceive all audiences, the first time to correct each problem, respectively.

Here are some tips to make sure that the color contrast is not a last minute idea:
  • Don’t forget about boating elements, footnote regions, menus, or any area people 
will see or interact with. All of these appearance need to be obvious in order to be usable.
  • Consider color contrast when build brand colors and color palettes. If designers don’t
 have available color combinations to work with, it will be difficult for them to deliver compliant designs.
  • Review and test colors in the design phase before a product goes to evaluation. This helps
 avoid unnecessary re-work and allows more time to make any needed alteration.
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Why Web Design Is A Good Career Choice

Why Web Design Is A Good Career Choice

Now, once, all companies, regardless of industry, want an impressive website that can be 
positioned on the first page of the search engines. The high demand for high quality websites
 is what makes many give the field of web design. If you are looking to becoming a web designer, 
you have come to the right place.

1. Independence

There are many opportunities to work in a business environment as a web designer, but if you 
take up work on your own, you have unlimited opportunities to do so. For becoming a 
independent business professional learn Web Designing Course in Chandigarh.

2. Growing Industry

Companies are taking on to the trend that consumers are glued to their smart devices. Thus, 
increased use of mobile devices will boost the applications for mobile-first websites that are highly 
responsive and visually appealing. This will result in an expanded demand for highly skilled web 
designers to create such sites.

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3. You Can Make A Big Impact On A Company’s 

Bottom Line

One of the best aspects of becoming a web designer is the efficiency to help companies 
attain success online. Nowadays, a company’s first feelings is largely based on the aesthetics
 of its website. As a web designer, you get an opportunity build visually appealing sites that will 
give consumers great first impressions.

4. Tap Into Your Creativity

Becoming a web designer allows you to show your creativity from the graphics you choose to 
use, the general design of the websites you create, to the color schemes you choose.
As a web designer, you will have the opportunity to put your unique touch and style in each 
site you create. Remember, companies will count on you as an expert to create sites that will
 leave a lasting impression on consumers.

5. Make A Good Living

Becoming a web designer gives you the opportunity to make an excellent living. According to 
Salary.com, the average salary for a web designer as of February 2017 is $ 72,140. On average, 
you could expect to enter between $ 61,738 and $ 82,468.
Keep in mind that your salary will vary depends on a number of factors, including the city in 
which you live.

6. Exposure To Exciting Technology

If you choose to work for an agency, you will be granted with a lot of innovative technology to 
help you design cutting-edge websites. You will also be asked to know HTML, CSS and 
JavaScript to help you build the best sites on the web.
Every day in the life of a web designer is different, which helps him stay interested and 
satisfied in his career.

7. Job Security

As we mentioned, the field of web design is expected to grow by 27% by the year 2024. 
As the demand for websites adapted to mobile devices increases, you can expect the field 
of web design to continue to increase. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web 
designers who are knowledgeable in multiple programming languages and digital tools 
will have the best opportunities to advance and obtain the highest levels of job security.

8. Ability To Work Anywhere

The field of web design will allow you to work with clients from all of the USA. UU United 
States and the whole world. Also, since most of the work you do is on a computer, you can 
work anywhere that has an Internet connection. This means that you could even work from 
the comfort of your own home if your employer allows it.

9. Ability To Work Across Numerous Industries

Regardless of whether you work for an agency or independently, you will have the 
opportunity to work with clients in multiple industries. This will allow you to expand your 
portfolio and eliminate the potential to get bored with your work. In addition, you will learn a 
lot about industries outside of web design.

Is Web Design Right For You?

While other industries have seen a decline in growth, the web design industry has seen an 
increase of 27%. The field of web design will continue to grow at an alarming rate as the 
demand for websites that respond to mobile devices increases, so the field in general offers 
great opportunities for professional advancement and job security. For more details you
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CSS tricks to revolutionise your web layouts

CSS tricks to revolutionise your web


While trends come and go, most sites still look the same: almost all use a grid of 12 columns, 
two and three columns, boxed designs and similar shapes. It is becoming very boring and the 
user experience is not excellent either.A CSS revolution is taking place: things like Flexbox 
or CSS Grid offer easy ways to create interesting designs. Using CSS, you can create visual 
styles that go beyond those you may know.In this article, we will share some CSS suggestions
 that will help you break the mold in your website designs, with only a couple of lines of code.

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1. Explore CSS blend modes

The duotone images and the effects of colors are some of the most current web design trends.
 They are very popular on the web thanks to Spotify, which implements them in a cohesive way.
 Now, finally, you can stop creating multiple versions of different colors of your assets and apply 
the effects directly in the browser.The use of CSS blend modes is not only an excellent way to
 unify the look of content on websites, but also allows you to configure different color versions 
of an image, changing only one value in CSS: color. There are 15 possible blending mode 
values, which include screen, overlay, lighten and darken.Learn more information with  
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2. Add a mask

Masking tells your browser what asset elements should be visible, and is very useful for 
creating creative shapes and designs. Masking can be done in three ways: using a rasterized
 image, CSS gradients or SVG elements.Note that, unlike a typical raster image, SVG can
 be scaled or transformed without significant loss of quality.

3. Don’t be afraid of clipping

Another great feature is CSS clipping. The boundary of a shape is called the clip path 
(not to be confused with the property of the deprecated clip), and cropping defines what area 
of the image should be visible. Trimming is similar to cutting a sheet of paper: everything that is 
out of the way will be hidden, while everything inside the path will be visible.


4. Think outside the box

External shape and interior shape to the rescue! Who said that text containers always have to 
be rectangular? Let's get out of the box, literally, and discover new forms that make our page 
designs richer and more square. The shape-outside and shape-inside properties allow you to
 wrap your content around custom paths in CSS.

5. Try SVG for animation

To be honest, I can not imagine the web of today without SVG. Its name speaks for itself: scale, 
so it responds to all the concerns related to sensitive web design. The SVG graphic will be
 sharp regardless of the screen resolution of the device you see.
Apart from scalability, there is another feature that should encourage you to play with SVG: the 
ability to manipulate SVG with CSS. If you have never tried to get into CSS animations and 
SVG code, you should try now; It's amazing how quickly you can achieve amazing effects.

6. Make some noise

The 80s and 90s are back! Glitch: the aesthetics of chaos, noise and interference, is becoming 
a popular design trend this year. The celebration of faults, faults and errors can also be seen on 
the web. If you want to play with perspective and be more chaotic visually, you can do it easily 
by transforming and distorting the elements of your site.

7. Get creative with collage

The collage-inspired designs are enjoying their moment in the visual arts, while investigating 
this article, the work of Rosanna Webster and even on the web they receive more and more 
attention. Web Designing Course in Chandigarh is provided by CBitss Technologies.

CSS Animation in Web Designing

CSS Animation

CSS animation allows you to animate the transition from one CSS style configuration to another.
 The animation consists of two components, a style that describes the CSS animation and a set
 of keyframes that indicate the starting intermediate route points along the initial and final states 
of the animation style.

CSS animation is a technique of web designing training in chandigarh that really gain steam 
in this time. It is one of the most interesting, attractive and innovative techniques. An animation 
turns an element gradually from one style to another. You can change as many times as many 
CSS properties as you like. For using CSS animation, you must first specify some keyframes 
for the animation. Keyframes hold that the elements will definitely have the element.

Keyframes Rules:-

When you specify the CSS styles within a @keyframes rule, the animation will gradually change
 from current style to the new style at some time. To get the animation to work, you have to tie 
the animation to the element.

The following example links the example graphic to the <div> element. An animation will last up to
 4 seconds, and it will gradually change the background colour of "yellow" from "red" to <div> 
 CSS Animation in Web Designing
Key Advantage of CSS Animation:
There are three main advantages of CSS animations on traditional script-driven animation techniques:
  • They are easy to use for simple animations; You can create them without even having to
 know JavaScript.
  • The animations work well, even under the moderate load of the system. Simple animations
 can often have low performance in JavaScript (unless they are well done). The rendering 
engine can use frame hopping and other techniques to keep performance as smooth as 

  • Controlling the animation sequence to the browser allows the browser to optimize 
performance and efficiency, for example, reducing the updated frequency of the 
animation running in the tab that is not currently visible.

CSS Animation Configuration:-

To create a CSS animation sequence, stylize the element you want to animate with the 
animation property or its sub-properties. This lets you set the timing, duration, and other 
details about how the animation sequence progresses. This does not configure the actual 
appearance of the animation, which is using @ keyframes in the rule as defined in the animation
 sequence definition using the mainframes below. The animation properties are:

Configures the delay between element loading and the beginning of the animation sequence.

Sets whether or not the animation should alternate the direction in each execution through the 
sequence or reset the starting point and repeat.

Sets the amount of time that animation should take to complete a single session.

Set the number of times the animation should be repeated; You can specify infinity to repeat the
 animation indefinitely.

Specifies the name of keyframes-on-rule that describes the main frames of animation.

It allows you to pause and resume the animation sequence.

Arrange timing animation; ie how animations move through keyframes, by creating acceleration 

Set the values ​​applied by the animation before and after execution.

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What is Web Designig and their Elements

What Is Web Designing?

Design is that the method of collection concepts, and esthetically transcription and implementing them, target-hunting by sure principles for a particular purpose. net style could be a similar method of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic websites, that the end-users will access through the net with the assistance of an on line browser

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Elements of website designing:-Web style uses several of the identical key visual parts as every kind of style such as:

 Layout: this is often the method the graphics, ads and text are organized. within the net world, a key goal is to assist the read realize the data they obtain at a look. This includes maintaining the balance, consistency, and integrity of the planning.

 Colour: the selection of colors depends on the aim and clientele; it can be straightforward black-and-white to multi-coloured style, conveyance of title the temperament of an individual or the complete of a company, exploitation web-safe colors.

 Graphics: Graphics will embrace logos, photos, clipart or icons, all of that enhance the net style. For user friendliness, these must be placed befittingly, operating with the color and content of the net page, whereas not creating it too full or slow to load.

Fonts: the utilization of varied fonts will enhance a web site style. Most net browsers will solely scan a get range of fonts, called "web-safe fonts", thus your designer can usually work inside this wide accepted cluster.

 Content: Content and style will work along to reinforce the message of the location through visuals and text. transcription must always be relevant and helpful, thus as to not confuse the reader and to offer them what they require so that they can stay on the location. Content ought to be optimized for search engines and be of an appropriate length, incorporating relevant keywords.

Creating easy friendly website:-

Besides the fundamental parts of net style that build a web site lovely and visually compelling, a web site should conjointly perpetually take into account the top user. User-friendliness will be achieved by taking note to the subsequent factors.

    Navigation: website design, menus and different navigation tools within the net style should be created considerately of however users browse and search. The goal is to assist the user to maneuver round the web site with ease, with efficiency finding the data they need.

    Multimedia: Relevant video and audio stimuli within the style will facilitate users to know the data, developing understanding in a straightforward and fast manner. this may encourage guests to pay longer on the webpage.

    Compatibility: style the webpage, to perform equally well on completely different browsers and in operation systems, to extend its viewing.

    Technology: Advancements in technology provide designers the liberty to feature movement and innovation, with net style that's perpetually recent, dynamic and skilled.

    Interactive: Increase active user participation and involvement, by adding comment boxes and opinion polls within the style. Convert users from guests to purchasers with email forms and account sign-ups.

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A straightforward Content Strategy Checklist

A straightforward Content Strategy 

Checklist for Your Website Redesign 


In a perfect world, we all are governed by a stringent content strategy and are reviewing 
and updating our web content at regular intervals. In reality, most businesses have no time
 to think about any article or case study after it has been published.
It's important to keep your content on top for both your websites performance and your 
digital strategy. . And finally there is no time like website redesign to take that time and 
review each piece of content on your website. This is a good opportunity to review your 
Google Analytics data to evaluate page performance, remove 'deadwood', and refresh 
content to improve advanced search results and conversions.
It is time for a content audit.

Content Stratergy Checklist

What Is a Content Audit?

we kick every website redesign project with a complete content audit. This is when a content
 strategist dives deeply into the content on your old site and evaluates it against you as per 
the goals set for your new website. We assess each piece of content against the strategic 
audit checklist to evaluate our performance, value and other key factors that affect the rest 
of your website. This process kickstart is planning for the migration of content to your new
 website. We work closely with the customers to determine which content is suitable for
 determining which content to keep, modify or delete, and create new content that meets new goals.
Here is a sample content strategy checklist that you can use to audit your content.

Website Redesign Content Strategy Checklist

Even if there is no content strategist on your team, then there are some simple questions you 
can use to assess each piece of content before migrating to your new site.

Is it current?

Is there old information in it? Some materials will soon become irrelevant, and will maintain 
their value over time.

Is it functional?

Is this content displayed correctly? Are there any broken links or images? Is there a proper 
meta description for optimal performance in search results?

Is it correct?

Is there any information wrong? Check names, addresses, contact details, links to your 
internal pages or outer pages, and even your sentence structure.

Is it unique?

Does the information about this content be unnecessary (located in more than one place on
 the site)? Do you have many articles on the same topic?

Is it clear?

Is the content scannable and readable?

Is it in the right location?

Is this content easy for a user to find? Should it be located somewhere else on the site?

Is it useful?

Does it help your audience with the real problem for which they visit your site, and use your 
products or services? Does this promise titles, meta descriptions and CTA buttons when 
users click to see it?

Is it effective?

Is the material performing well and contributing to business goals? There are several ways 
to measure it using analysis and SEO tool. Looking at the time spent on the page, SEO 
rankings, and goal tracking are great places to start conversions.
Look at each page, post, and other pieces of supportive content and ask how many boxes 
check-out in the above checklist. If it is less than half, then you would want to consider 
excluding it from your content migration - to ensure that the appropriate website SEO 
protocols follow, the search ranking signal of your website is not affected. Or on the 
other hand, you may choose it’s worth spending the time and the energy to refresh it. 
On the off chance that if the content checks all the boxes, it's clearly a keeper.

Be ruthless with your content

Some things will be easy to make decisions about others, but there is a good idea to come 
up with a strategy. Fixing a broken link is not a big deal. But fixing broken links and editing 
for readability and improving factual errors is a big time investment. To decide that it is worth it,
 it is up to you and your team. Our advice? Be ruthless Do not hold on any material that 
you are not interested in giving a golden star of acceptance. It will only be separated from 
your remaining gold star material on your website, and can pull your website's performance 
and ranking.

A content strategy checklist is just the beginning
"High quality web content that's useful, usable and enjoyable is your greatest competitive 
advantage online."

Website redesign projects are often catalysts for organizations to review their brand strategy,
 business goals and target audience. In these scenarios, content audit has the ability to 
convert into a deeper soul searching practice, and the above questions can only scratch the 
 surface of questions related to deep content. In that case, to ensure that the content on your 
new site accurately reflects the changes in your organization's goals, a very different content 
audit is required. Regardless of your website redesign project completion, review your 
website content on fixed interval of time against this content strategy checklist. An annual 
or semi-annual content audit is an important part of your content life cycle.

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